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The Challenge June 24, 2009

Welcome to my Plentiful Earth Challenge Blog for the Sims 3!


This challenged was inspired by my Brady the Mooch Challenge with the essence of both being to make a Sim financially rich while limiting how they can make their income. In the Brady the Mooch Challenge, Brady had to earn all his money without doing any kind of work- even writing or painting. Brady earned his money through stealing, mooching, and collecting things that were laying around town.

In this challenge, my Sims will have to make $50,000 in cash using a limited set of skills (fishing, gardening, cooking and handiness) while simultaneously raising a large family.

Challenge Guidelines:

1) Create Two Founding Sims

  1. One Sim must have the Lifetime Wish of “Swimming in Cash” and the other “Surrounded by Family”
  2. One Sim must focus on gardening and the other on fishing
  3. Any traits and favs can be selected

2) The Challenge is Complete

  1. When both Sims fulfill their lifetime wish
  2. (and) When both Sims max out both their chosen skills (so you must focus on your skill and not just collect items all day, even though collection is allowed)

3) Rules for Income

  1. Sims may not have careers (or use career opportunities)
  2. Sims may not have part-time jobs
  3. Other Sims may not be moved into the home
  4. Sims may not steal or mooch
  5. Sims can only make money from the skills assigned to them: Sim A- fishing and handiness, Sim B- cooking and gardening
  6. Sims may not make money from any other skills or their associated opportunities
  7. Sims can make money from skill opportunities from their chosen skills
  8. Sims can make money from collecting items (insects, metals, seeds, harvesting, etc…)


Meet Olive & Henry

Day One: Welcome Wagon

Day Two: Skilling


2 Responses to “The Challenge”

  1. Ndayeni Says:

    This sounds interesting. Will be interested to see how it plays out for you. I’ve been thinking of trying something of the sort myself since reading your Brady the Mooch blog.

    • opicana Says:

      Go for it! Thanks for reading 🙂 I have a few more ideas I want to try after I finish these two (along the same vein)! So many possibilities!

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